Who We Are

Life Empowerment Centre (LEC)

Life Empowerment Center (LEC) is a non-formal education center where the children of the underprivileged come together during the weekends and other holidays to have some fun, games and learning. Volunteers come and help these children in learning spoken English and conduct some games. Kids are provided with free lunches and dinner during their stay and learn good habits and values.

LEC was  launched in 2010 with the blessings from Archbishop Anandarayer and Bishop A. Neethinathan. We moved our center to Acharapakkam in 2015 with an increase of 20 more children. Having rented a house for some time, we finally moved to a new building of our own with the blessing of  St. Patrick’s Academy in V.Salai who sponsored the entire construction.

Oppressed by caste violence, our family was never allowed to cook our own food. I have never shopped for clothes in my favorite color or worn the right size. We had to beg every house in the village for our food.

Juliyes — Founder
Our Aim and Objectives
  • Proclaim the Good News to the Poor 
  • Give Hope to the Weak
Our Pattern

Under the leadership of His excellency Bishop A. Neethinathan and under the guidance of His excellency, Bishop Jude Paul Raj, we follow up their guidance in following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.