What We Do

Education of the children

LEC has always reached out to those living at the fringes of society, to encourage and help educate them. We have built a tuition center for children who are traditionally forced to take up the family job of washing the dirty clothes in villages. They are known as “Dhobies” in India. They are Dalits among Dalits, segregated and isolated. These children have less opportunities to attend school as they are forced by parents to pick up their traditional job. Last year, generous friends helped us build a tuition center where the children come and stay during weekends, also receiving free meals.

Empowerment of the widows

LEC serves as a lifeline to those living at the fringes of society, encouraging and developing them. We are actively serving a population often forgotten and oppressed. Widows have been neglected and marginalized for centuries and even today in our Indian society. They are deprived of equal opportunity and human rights. We have been serving them pride and joy for the last 10 years and promoted their wellbeing and development. We facilitated microfinance loans through banks and creditors and distributed the funds among them. With your generosity and kindness, we have helped them to purchase cows and goats and become the breadwinners.

Self-sustenance Programs

Our aim is to develop capable, job-ready graduates by offering several practical programs in technology, and community service. Such training is also a wonderful opportunity for the school dropouts to enroll in career-based training. Most of the beneficiaries are marginalized Dalit communities who otherwise struggle to find daily labor. Programs such as Tailoring can be very useful.