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Life Empowerment Centre (LEC) is a tuition center for poor children to improve  their skills and knowledge. This was started by Ms. Juliyes in 2009 to support the education of poor dalit children who are mostly from Dhobi and Cobbler families. They are dalits who are at the bottom of the India’s Caste System. Traditionally for centuries, the dhobies make their living by washing the clothes of others, bathing the dead body, washing the menstrual clothes of girls who attain puberty and bearing the torch during procession of deities.  They live outside the village borders mostly in huts without ownership of the land where they live.  They do not get salary but remuneration like daily food and grains. It is to their children, LEC has been providing an access and opportunity for quality education for these children. 

During the weekends and holidays, children come here and have lots of fun and games and at the same time, spend time in doing their homework and assignments. They come from impoverished families where they lack study environment.

LEC provides them with teachers who can help them to improve their education, manners and customs.  They also receive food and snacks freely at the generosity of friends nearby. 

These children are the first generation in their families to attend the school. It is only through literacy & empowerment, they can break the cycle of poverty and untouchability. Every human being must have roughly the same opportunity to succeed in life, irrespective of where or how that person is born. 

Some children have become successful by becoming the bread winners of their families. Some have earned degree in Nursing, Teaching and Engineering. 

Every bit of your help can go a long way and is also deeply appreciated. Contact Juliyes at 9443680405 or 9345704408 for more info. Dalit Solidarity, a Non-Profit organization and a US NGO helped LEC in supporting the education of poor children. 

Oorukku Oru Kudi - an Auto-Biography

Oorukku Oru Kudi (A Family Per Village)  is a compelling story of a dhobi family narrated by Juliyes. She comes out very emphatically about the challenges and humiliations that the dhobies go through with her stories. The society owes an apology to them for the atrocities and injustice committed against them. 

 The book is released by Honorable Member of the Parliament, Dr. D.Ravikumar  on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2023 04:00pm at Hotel Devi Bala, Opp. to new bus stand, Villupuram.

Oppressed by caste violence, our family was never allowed to cook our own food. I have never shopped for clothes in my favorite color or worn the right size. We had to beg every house in the village for our food.

Juliyes - from the book 'Oorukku Oru Kudi'

A story of Dhobies (Washermen and women), Dalits among Dalits - A Video Documentary Published by CCT, 2011

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What We Do

Education is the key to bring  these children back to the  main stream of the society.  LEC  has helped them with a tuition center where these children would come and have special classes on English and Maths. Currently we have 130 children from twenty villages. I consider that this outreach is something beautiful for God. 

Education of the Children

Children from nearby villages come for weekend tuition and learn English, Mathematics and Science.

Empowerment of the widows

Relief support to the poor and the destitute women

Elderly Care

Elderly Care at Life Empowerment Centre

Women’s Leadership

Women's Leadership at Life Empowerment Centre

Self-sustenance Programs

Tailoring training at Life Empowerment Centre

Cultural Training

Cultural training session at Life Empowerment Centre